“Vachi Career“ is one of the sister companies of “Vachi Software Solutions“ bringing students, employers and higher education institutions together in one centralized location. We specialize in helping students and young professionals find the right training to kick-start their career.
It´s no secret that internships are the most effective way for students to gain work experience before graduation or post-graduation. In fact, studies show that 7 out of 10 internships turn into full-time jobs. Luckily, starting your summer training search is easy. Simply tell us your major and preferred specialization or area of Interest and you will have courses available supporting your career. Whether you´re looking for work experience, want to apply for companies of your choice or just need extra to supplement your knowledge and skills, you can use our traingin program platform. Students can even use our Internship Counseling to help find the right job. Best of all, searching for internships and the counseling is completely free.

Are you an employer looking to find interns/full-time candidate for your business? Once you post your job listing, you can find candidates using our extensive resume database. Employers can access extensive employment resources to help ensure their business has the best resources in specified area. Start your career internship with us and get placed or desired expertise/knowledge/skills to make the most out of.

Vachi Career

An increasing number of companies and business houses are facing the crisis when it comes to hiring skilled work force. IT (Information Technology) and Computer Technology candidates are in demand based on today's influence of computers and networking on most modern business models. Give yourself an edge over the competition by leveraging the many opportunities available for computer internships. IT Internships equip you with the on-the-job training you can use to land your dream job in Fortune 1000, multi-national, regional, local, small and medium sized companies. Big city internships, in particular, are a good way to expose yourself to corporate culture where you can learn how to build, create, manage, or support a corporate network, software development or other IT projects. The great thing about being an IT intern is getting to engage with industry professionals in ways that new-hires typically don't and at the same time getting valuable training in cutting-edge technologies. Internship experiences give you extremely valuable insight into how specific technology or software works, how computer labs in general operate, and how you can tap into your technical potential. Internship programs for computers technology and IT are offered throughout the year in virtually every major cities in INDIA, centered around technology hubs in New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and other regions where large data centers are maintained. All the industrial training courses can also be delivered through online training.